Cassandra has spent most of her life seeking answers. After a traumatic upbringing, she was diagnosed with a severe case of PTSD at only 18 years old.

Following the traditional medical route, by the time she was 20 years old, she was on a cocktail of over 12 medications each day. Unfortunately, these medications were causing a cascade of needing additional prescriptions to help alleviate the side effects.

Anti-anxiety lead to an anti-depressant which lead to migraine medicine. And, because God forbid she should get pregnant on this cocktail, in came birth control. The hormones in the birth control lead to an anti-nausea medicine, a sleep medication, and something to support her thyroid.

After becoming extremely frustrated with the medical system, she turned to MDMA, ketamine, and ecstasy clinical trials to help alleviate her symptoms.

None of these trials provided any relief.

It was here she started independently studying plant medicine and herbal supplementation. Shortly after that, she was introduced to Shamanism and began mentoring cross-culturally with various indigenous medicine men and women.

Reluctantly at first, Cassandra started applying what she was learning, changing up her supplements in order to support her in a more natural, holistic way. Without the support of her medical doctor, she successfully got off her medications after months of trial and error.

Supporting her well-being with natural remedies got her 80% off the way there, but that wasn’t good enough for Cassandra. She wanted to be fully healed, so she started incorporating movement, nutritional support, yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness.

While she is still a work in process, she lives medication-free today with no residual symptoms of PTSD. She strives to improve her health each and every day.

Today, Cassandra combines all of these modalities and her training in Shamanism, plant medicine, spiritual counseling, higher consciousness, psychology, vibrational healing, Reiki, and hypnosis to help her clients become whole and healed.

Because of her solid entrepreneurial background, Cassandra often finds herself working with business owners and executives.

"Investing in myself has never been easy, but choosing to work with Cassandra was one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business. In our first session, Cassandra was able to suss out some limiting beliefs and help me create a plan to live in my purpose and passion. She is truly a bridge between driven, focused results and support on your healing journey."

Cassandra Shuck is a Shaman.

She has had the honor to mentor cross-culturally within Peruvian, Colombian, Siberian, Hawaiian, and Mexican shamanism traditions. Cassandra holds a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Studies and a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling.

She works hand-in-hand, taking direction from her client’s spiritual team and combining her training in Shamanism, plant medicine, herbalism, spiritual counseling, higher consciousness, psychology, yoga asana, vibrational healing, NLP, Reiki, and hypnosis to help her clients become whole and healed.

Cassandra has worked with some of the largest companies, including Volkswagen, Audi,, FrontPoint, Wells Fargo, and NASCAR. She started and grew multiple successful businesses with this innovative set of tools, including Tola Digital and Aligned Social. Because of her solid entrepreneurial background, Cassandra often works with business owners and executives.

She aims to empower people to turn their pasts into the exact reasons they find fulfillment and success. Cassandra’s work has been featured in dozens of media outlets, including Forbes, Healthline, Thrive Global, LA Times, and AdAge.

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