Cassandra Shuck embarked on a profound journey of spiritual teaching and healing, initially sparked by her personal battle with PTSD. Dissatisfied with conventional treatments, she turned to the transformative powers of plant medicine and herbalism, deepening her understanding of Shamanic Studies and Spiritual Counseling. With a rich educational background, including a Master’s Degree in Shamanic Studies and a Ph.D. in Spiritual Counseling, Cassandra has honed her expertise in the ancient healing traditions of Peruvian, Colombian, and Hawaiian shamanism, seamlessly integrating these practices with contemporary holistic approaches.

For Cassandra, shamanism embodies a life philosophy rooted in animism and interconnectedness—a worldview where spirits abound, and all life is spiritually intertwined. Drawing from her own path of resilience and insight, she bridges the realms of spirit and human experience, offering healing and wisdom.

Cassandra has invested her time, energy, and resources in heart-conscious businesses that align with her vision of holistic wellness. Through workshops and personalized sessions, she guides others toward reclaiming health and vitality, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary practices.

Explore Cassandra's teachings to discover a sacred space where healing and personal growth converge—a journey guided by the whispers of spirit towards transformation.

"Investing in myself has never been easy, but choosing to work with Cassandra was one of the best decisions I've made for myself and my business. In our first session, Cassandra was able to suss out some limiting beliefs and help me create a plan to live in my purpose and passion. She is truly a bridge between driven, focused results and support on your healing journey."

Studies & Certifications

Master’s of Shamanic Studies from Northern Way Esoteric Theological Seminary

Doctorate of Spiritual Counseling from Northern Way Esoteric Theological Seminary

Ayurvedic and Integrative Medicine Certification

Registered 200-Hr Yoga Teacher

Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Labor Support and Bereavement Doula

Holotropic Breathwork Certification

Master Practitioner of NLP

Mental Emotional Release Practitioner


Advanced Practitioner of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Meditation

Abundant Yogi Life Coaching Certification

... and more!