Shamanism is hard to explain.

It’s become a popular buzzword lately, with people using the term in all kinds of ways.

So what are we talking about?


What does the word really mean?

First, you should know there is a difference between someone practicing shamanism and a Shaman.

Someone can be considered practicing shamanism when they;

  • Enter an altered state of consciousness (trance)

  • Travel in spiritual or non-ordinary reality

  • Work alongside helping spirits

Someone is considered to be a Shaman when they have been initiated through indigenous cultures and sacred plant medicine sacraments and have been mentored by medicine men and women.

By definition, a Shaman works as a bridge between our world and the spirit world.

We travel to other dimensions through trances and talk to spirit guides and angels to bring back valuable information. For most of us, this ability to travel between worlds is not something we ever asked for. We were given this path because we’ve also had to walk through and heal from some harrowing experiences in our current life.

Using a Shaman as a way of healing or support with a situation can be very different than traditional western medicine or therapy. A Shaman goes to the root of the problem and assists you in recognizing and taking ownership of how and why it has manifested in your life.

Second, you should know that Shamanism does have a set of spiritual practices; it is not a religion.

There is no doctrine, dogma, or hierarchy.

Shamanism is always practiced through the lens of the culture of the practitioner.

A Peruvian shaman will do things somewhat differently than a Siberian shaman.

So, it can be challenging to say that “all shamans believe _______.


Shamans see a world of spirits around them and recognize the spirits of place and the world.


Shamans recognize that, spiritually, everything and everybody is connected.


Shamans act in relation to the tribe, to nature, and to spirit; they are both Earth-based and extra-dimensional.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!