Sometimes you have to get away to get clear on where you are going.

In this intensive life-changing program, you will receive  four weeks of spiritual guidance with Cassandra Shuck.

This program is centered around an in-person plant medicine retreat at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in beautiful Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

These retreats are perfect for those who are being called to plant medicine but feel they need a bit more support along their journey.

We will begin our relationship with four weeks of prep work

before traveling abroad together and sitting in ceremony. Using the ‘Holistic Model for a Balanced Life’ and Cassandra's spiritual guidance will work to open up and excavate your heart so it's ready for the expansion it's about to receive.

After the prep work, we will travel together to Costa Rica for a

7-day stay.

  • 7 Nights Luxury Resort Accommodations

  • Transportation to/from the Liberia Airport

  • All Farm-to-table Organic Meals

  • Medical Evaluations Performed by Staff Physicians

  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

  • 6 Yoga Classes

  • 2 Hydro Colonic Cleanses

  • 1 Swedish Massage

  • 3 Transformational Breathwork Classes

  • 1 Dance of Liberation Movement Ceremony


Many people go into plant medicine ceremony ever having done any preparation. This is the opposite of every single Shamanic tradition. It’s recommended to follow a strict ‘dieta’ and to start to dissect what belief systems and patterns have been running your life.


During the retreat, things can get emotional, heavy, and intense. It’s in the best interest of the client to have someone there alongside them to help navigate and interpret the journeys.


This is the most important part of the entire program. Lasting change is created when we extract the lessons we are meant to learn and start implementing in our day-to-day life. Old patterns die hard and having someone alongside you, to help implement changes, is invaluable.

With Cassandra there alongside you the whole way, you'll have a dedicated spiritual teacher to support you in this

beautifully designed, intimate container of transformation.

After you return from Costa Rica, you will work with Cassandra for four weeks of integration. While change DOES take place sitting in a ceremony, lasting change only happens when we take our lessons and messages back into our day-to-day lives.

To determine if an Internal Alchemy Retreat is meant for you, please connect with Cassandra.

How many people will I be with?

At any given time Rythmia has 50-100 guests.

Part of the advantage of participating in an Internal Alchemy Retreat is that you’ll be able to work through things in real-time, with a small group of friends. I limit these retreats to six people, and with the prep-work, we do BEFORE we board the plane, you’ll know this group of people VERY well when you meet them in person.

Is it necessary to purchase an international calling plan while in Costa Rica?

The wi-fi works great - I had no issues using it when I was down there. I even popped on a few Zoom calls :)

If you want to chat with someone, I’d recommend downloading WhatApp and skipping the international calling plan.

Are the Ayahuasca ceremonies included in the price at the time of booking?

They aren’t - they are paid for in cash upon arrival AND medical clearance.

Rythmia is a licensed medical facility and this is part of their process.

I’m on medication, can I still participate?

This is something I would connect you directly to my contacts at Rythmia.

Some medications are 100% fine to stay on throughout your trip, others have to be weaned, and some are contraindicated.

What else isn’t included in the price?

Your flights are not included as everyone will be flying in from all over the country.

During your stay, due to COVID restrictions, you will be staying on the property.

Additional massages and colonics are available and are to be purchased at the resort.