Every client Cassandra works with will first participate in her Shamanic Healing Assessment. Based on the
information she is given from the assessment, she can create a plan for their spiritual up-leveling. Then, she uses her gifts and the guidance of her clients' spiritual team to support them in their journey towards wholeness.

Cassandra walks beside her clients through each step of the path they choose.

“The problem cannot be solved on the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Each session is unique and 100% customized to the individual.

The only similarity between all sessions is that Cassandra connects with your spiritual team, and they tell her what is necessary for your healing and wholeness.

Based on what they tell her, Cassandra pulls forth a variety of modalities.

In a session, she might end up using bodywork, ancestral healing work, mental-emotional release (MER), dreamwork, breathwork, reiki, working with your moon cycle, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), shamanic journeying, ritual or ceremony, work with the goddess or archetypal energies, cord-cutting, identity dissolution, mirror work, past life regression, soul retrieval, chakra balancing, values elicitation… to name a few.

Cassandra’s healing techniques are intense, and often people are not ready to face certain things without the assistance of a guide.

It is recommended that when you have a session with Cassandra or are doing any kind of intense energy work, you block your day off from working and/or leave it open after the session.

Because of the potency of these sessions, you can leave in a bit of a daze.

If possible, you will want to avoid alcohol and cigarettes for 24 hours before your appointment. The cleaner your physical body is, the more open you will be to receive healing. If Cassandra has to break down a lot of bodily toxins and poisons, healing can take longer, and you could need more sessions.

If you prepare yourself, the process can be a lot easier.

“Cassandra has a gift of looking at you with a bird’s eye view and digging into your pieces. You leave with clarity, a sense of direction, and tangible action steps that help move your soul forward. Personally, I learned more in an hour session with Cassandra than I did in a 6-month mastermind.”

Most of the time, your spiritual team instructs Cassandra to give you some homework after your session. Following what they tell you to do is essential to have the most beneficial outcome.

If you do not do these things, it will directly affect your results.

Feeling tired or angry is normal as you release things that no longer serve you. On the other hand, you might feel pure bliss, light, and free. It depends on the level of your healing and how much work can be accomplished.

Some people are finished working with a shaman in one session, and others may want to schedule a more intensive week of sessions.

A few days after your session, Cassandra or her team will check in and see how everything is going. If you experience anything abnormal, you will have access to Cassandra and her team of healers.